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Dental Bridges

Dental bridges help patients who have lost teeth to have confidence in their smile. A bridge can help permanantly restore a lost tooth.

Bridges are generally made up of two crowns, which are fused to each side of a false tooth. The crowns are place over the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth, thus holding the replacement tooth in place.

The false tooth (also called a pontic), is colored to look like a natural tooth. There are three main types that dentists use. Porcelin pontics look the most natural. For this reason, they are used on front teeth where appearance matters most. Porcelin fused to metal can be used on rear teeth. This type still has a reasonably natural look while offering more strength. Gold, silver, or other alloys may also be used for maximum strength, but it will be evident that you've had dental work done.

Once you have had a bridge installed, it is important to maintain proper brushing habits to keep it in good repair. Most bridges should last at least 5 years. You will want your dentist to check it regularly to ensure it maintains its structural integrity. If repairs are needed, seek treatment right away. If bridge problems are left untreated, they could cause other serious problems that may require more dental treatment.